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I invite others artist to show their work on my table in my flat in Helsinki. The transitional object is a concept of the psychoanalyst D.W. Winnicott. A transitional area is this space we invest at the beginning of our live when we realize that we're a person and there's an outside reality. The transitional area is a space between inside and outside, between subjectivity and objectivity, it's a place to experiment and where we do our first act of creation, it's the beginning of the culture.
Other curators will be invited to do an exhibition on this transitional table.

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On my transitionnal table 1 / curator Nathalie Rias, Title: "If a lion could talk, we couldn't understand him", Date April 11th untill April 22th 2014.

On my transitionnal table 2 / curator Mikko Kuorinki, Title: "Parrot's excuse", Date January 18th untill January 24th 2015.

On my transitionnal table 3 / curator: Selina Väliheikki, in April 2015. (the documentation will be available after the exhibition)